The White House

This is the White House… our White House. It’s one of my favourite places on this earth. We walk there 2 or 3 times a week with the Ladies. It sits in an open field which is allowed to grow completely wild. It’s a picture that changes seasonally and daily. Growth is unimpaired and wild plants and flowers flourish all year round, as do the insects and wild life.

Today, it’s simple yellow flowers were full of gorgeous butterflies. As some of you know, I love metaphors, particularly nature’s metaphors and this place holds an important metaphor right now. Because even in its little microcosm, this White House is surrounded by more beauty, more freedom and more growth than the other White House could ever achieve in its currently occupied state.

But perhaps that’s the point. Because our White House is uninhabited. It’s sad to think that under current circumstances, the presence of humanity is far more likely to spoil this place than to enhance it.


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