Vote for #Manchester, Vote for PEACE

Picasso's Dove of Peace

Waking up to the news this morning was sickening. Heartbroken for the lives lost and also for the thousands of lives that have been devastated by this despicable act.

We have an election coming up, for me, it’s a message that says vote for a party that is pro PEACE.

This World does not need any more Governments that are Pro Weapons, Pro War, Pro Power and Control and it certainly doesn’t need a Government that is Pro Oppression. Oppression creates conflict.

Of course there are requirements for protection, but we need to be specific in the policies we adopt to identify and deal with terrorism, not take a blanket approach either in the controls that are employed or the judgements that are made. As long as we continue to shut down people’s freedom in general, we will fail to deal with the World’s issues. More oppression will lead to more conflict on a wider spectrum. The basic principal of dealing with hate with hate, fighting arms with arms is disastrous. It puts into context the disgusting announcement that the US has just agreed a multi billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Even more that it is lauded as a great commitment to the American people. It is not. It is an incitement to more conflict, more aggression. And don’t be fooled that it is about Jobs; that’s a mere bi product, a convenient justification. It’s all about Power and Control.

The World is becoming more dominated by the politics of power than ever, where fear is a held as a premium by the controlling authorities, where freedom is replaced by control, where truth is irrelevant, an illusion.

When people are oppressed and their voices are not heard, when basic principals of humanity are a cost of wealth, power and control, when human beings cannot be – and live – as who they are, when beliefs are supervised, when our basic happiness is sacrificed for economic strength and global strength, the only outcome can be disaster and misery.

So for what it’s worth my vote in his election will be a Pro PEACE Vote. Rest In Peace, beautiful souls from Manchester.


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