Just a Little More Time…

Letting go is hard to do… so often we remain in the comfort of feelings from the past because it feels safer than facing the fear we have about the unknown path of our future. Unlocking our hearts, removing the barriers that protect us from the pain we have experienced in the past is a leap of faith. It is also the road to freedom:


Just a little more time

With a broken heart

For its shattered rhythm

To beat apart


Just a little more time

For the wounds to heal

For the scars to form

And start to feel


Just a little more time

With the walls in place

To protect from pain

And its cold embrace


Just a little more time

Until the light comes in

From the darkest night

Let the day begin


Just a little more time

Is fear’s best friend

The future’s promise

That the night won’t end


Just a little more time

Is the past’s desire

To fuel its flames

In the present’s fire


There is only one time

And in it we are whole

Our scars are the marks

Of our heart and soul

Tender reminders

That we live to love

And now is the time

To rise above

To let go of the past

Let the future remain

An unknown force

Of its own domain


The time is now

The moment is this

It’s the air’s caress

It’s the sunlight’s kiss

So take just a little more time

To enjoy right now.


This poem is copyright of Elaine Sturgess, please do not reproduce either in part or full without permission of the author.


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