Hello Sunshine…

Sunset in Siruana

While you are here

And after you are gone

When your journey into light

Means your time on Earth is done

The sun rises in the East

With spectacular display

To give the glory of your life

A reminder that this day

Is one you can enjoy

The world of wonder that surrounds

Your every waking moment

Colour in touch, sight and sound

Nature’s gifts are your life lessons

They’re instilled in tiny things

They’re a beautiful reminder

Of the joy that living brings

If it’s only for a moment

If your chance is only brief

Take the time to feel its pleasure

And be safe in the belief

That the sun that woke to greet you

At the beginning of the day

Will set with equal glory

In the West, when it will say

That the night is soon upon you

Did you take the time to play?

If not, then face the dark

With the comfort of a truth

That I will rise again to greet you

With another chance to choose

And on those days when you can’t see me

I am there staying strong

Some clouds might block my rays

But they will pass before too long

Like life, the sun is constant

But its brightness has to face

The challenge of the weather

That puts darkness in its place

When you look up to the sky

And you see a bank of clouds

The sun is still behind them

Perhaps its rays are peeping out

Determined, strong and willing

It’s intent on breaking through

Because though fleeting be that moment

It’s a chance to shine on you

Whatever life throws at you

Be like the sun

Make the most of the moments

Whenever they may come

To cast the light inside you

Bask in golden rays

Enjoy your precious time

Seconds, hours, days

And remember, there’s a limit

You are here as a guest

To see the sunrise in the East

And its setting in the West


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