Give Love the Loudest Voice

The thoughts we have so often make our feelings run away
Our hearts are kind, they know the truth and what we want to say
But ego jumps into the mix and doubt creates a myth
Logic tries to formularise and two halves become one fifth

If we respond upon first glance its instinct that we use
Then fear takes grip, reminds us that we have so much to lose
Can we take that chance again? Could this one be real?
Courage now, the fight is on… and pride is set to steal

Hurt before, we want to build a wall around our heart
Humiliation? Pain again? Say no, before it starts
But wait a moment, is this right, does one and one make five?
That’s not the sum of what we risk, it’s two, together, alive

Love is such a game of chance, the dice we have to throw
But when they land, both on six, the joy, you have to know…
Is greater than the pain you felt at every time you burned
Roll again and trust your heart, it knows more than you’ve learned

Don’t let feelings run away, believe in them, and try
If you don’t, you might stay safe, but live inside a lie
The leap is one of utter faith, and know that faith is blind
We cannot see if what we seek is what we’ll really find

But that’s the journey, that is how we fjnd the path to tread
Feel the options, breathe them in and let spirit fill your head
Hear that sound deep inside, it tells you yes or no
Believe it when it speaks because it’s there to make you grow

The scars we bear are not there to tell us what we’ve lost
They’re proud reminders that we loved no matter what the cost
Don’t let ego, don’t let fear, override your choice
Listen to your heart and soul; give love the loudest voice

Copyright 2018 Elaine Sturgess, All Rights Reserved


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