Heroine the play


I'm proud to be a supporter of this important and powerful project, which is the brainchild of LA based British actor and writer Mary Jane Wells.

It is the story of a woman - a lesbian - who joined the army, an outsider who would not quit despite being the subject of the most appalling sexual attacks. She battled not just through active service but through the worst kind of sexual, emotional and physical abuse during the period before the repeal of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'. It is at once shocking and compelling, told with empathy, bravery and in shades from dark to light, a reflection of the spectrum of courage and humanity this woman has shown, not just in her endurance but in her willingness to stand up and tell her story. The script, which I have had the privilege of reading, is extraordinary. It touched me to the core.

The play will premier at the beginning of next year - and in the meantime, it needs support. To find out more - and to be a hero yourself by helping to back it and/0r promote it in any way you can, please click on the line below to visit the website.





DFYNorm is a wonderful and inspiring project run by an equally inspiring woman whose ambition and determination ignites both enthusiasm for her work and for others who similarly want to immerse themselves in concepts that can potentially be world changing.

Haseena Latheef developed the idea of DFYNorm to address an issue that is pervasive and enduring despite the damage it has on the self esteem of millions around the world - the idea that we should conform to the unrealistic and demanding standards of a fashion industry that is obsessed with body image and looks. DFYNorm is a sustainable fashion brand that encourages women to own their true selves and to be proud of their look; it upholds the principal that what we wear should be dominated by who we are not what the media expects us to be.

I am proud to be one of Haseena's first role models and would encourage you to visit her website and get involved.